Karen Heidelberger

Karen Heidelberger is Partner and Chief Partnership and Communications Officer at Deerfield and joined the Firm in 2002. She is responsible for relationships with investors, partner companies, academic institutions, and other interested parties. In her role, Ms. Heidelberger helped conceptualize and implement the Cure and is responsible for activation of the ecosystem. She is deeply involved in the design and implementation of Deerfield’s educational programming. Prior to this role, Ms. Heidelberger was a Trader at Deerfield for over a decade. Before Deerfield, Ms. Heidelberger was a Vice President in the Sales and Trading division of Merrill Lynch, and served as a Conflicts Coordinator in the Mergers and Acquisitions department. Ms. Heidelberger has approximately 18 years of experience in healthcare and 25 years of experience in finance. She is involved in Deerfield’s Break into the Boardroom and Women in Science programs, and currently serves on the Board of NewYorkBIO. Ms. Heidelberger graduated from the Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration, holds a M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a Master of Science in Strategic Communication from Columbia University.