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Launched in 1994, Deerfield Management Company is an investment firm dedicated to advancing healthcare through information, investment, and philanthropy—all toward the end goal of cures for disease, improved quality of life, and reduced cost of care.

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Supporting companies across the healthcare ecosystem with flexible funding models…

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Delivering market research to the Deerfield team, its portfolio companies and other partners.

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A New York City-based not-for-profit devoted to advancing innovative health care initiatives.

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Portfolio Companies

Deerfield generally maintains a combined portfolio of more than 150 private and public investments across the life science, medical device, diagnostic, digital health and health service industries at all stages of evolution from start-up to mature company.

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Research Collaborations

Deerfield partners with leading academic research centers, providing critical funding and expertise to further sustain and accelerate the commercialization of discoveries toward meaningful societal impact by advancing cures for disease.

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Strategic Partners

As a strategic partner, Deerfield offers capital, scientific expertise, business operating support, and unique access to innovation.

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Deerfield Foundation

The Deerfield Foundation is a New York City-based not-for-profit organization whose mission is to improve health, accelerate innovation and promote human equity.

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Cure Campus

Cure is a 12-story innovations campus in New York City that intends to bring together innovators from academia, government, industry, and the not-for-profit sectors to advance human health and accelerate the fight against disease.

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Cure Programming

Cure has a series of expert lectures intended to advance thought in healthcare, management, innovation, policy, and other relevant subjects. This fosters growth and education for those at Cure and its guests.

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Deerfield Management Advanced Healthcare Initiatives Globally Through Academic Collaborations, Publications, and Philanthropy

In addition to advancing healthcare through investment, Deerfield’s efforts through information and philanthropy have an unprecedented year

New York, NY – February 6, 2019 – Deerfield Management advanced healthcare initiatives globally in 2018 through five new academic collaborations, eight scientific publications, and 22 philanthropic partnerships. Deerfield’s intent is to participate in large scale efforts to enrich patients’ lives with early stage discovery support, novel peer-reviewed insights, and investments that can help tackle the issues affecting healthcare today.

Deerfield Academic Collaborations

In 2016 Deerfield began collaborating with academic institutions to create partnerships that provide funding and support to early stage therapeutics. Since then, Deerfield has developed nine companies across eight states developing expeditious pathways from concept to commercialization for novel therapeutic discoveries and one incubator focused on innovative cardiovascular devices.

Anticipating commitments of over $500 million in early stage research by 2021, Deerfield is uniquely positioned to support all stages of development from early stage to commercial opportunity. This capability has the potential to eliminate the hurdles researchers would face in finding new capital during this rigorous trajectory to the marketplace.

Deerfield Institute

Deerfield Institute’s research capabilities and survey analyses sparked the need to begin publishing its scientific findings for the greater good. Since 2015, the Deerfield Institute has published 50 articles,editorials, and abstracts. Whether it is identifying predictors of laparoscopic hysterectomy among leiomyoma patients or exposing the variability in the therapeutic management of advanced ovarian cancer patients, the publications are weighted in scientifically driven research and analysis and leverage the knowledge interpreted by Deerfield’s team of healthcare focused researchers.

“We have a sense of responsibility to share our insights and equip our ecosystem with the high quality, novel information required to accelerate and improve healthcare,” stated Alexis Cazé, partner and chief information officer at Deerfield. “Through collaboration, we ultimately increase the greater potential of improvement in the healthcare system.”

Deerfield Foundation

Since inception the Foundation has committed or invested approximately $40 million to 39 philanthropic partners that impact healthcare for children and families from underserved communities. In 2018, the Foundation reached 11 countries with 77% of its annual funding directed towards services,goods, and outreach, 12% to infrastructure and 11% to R&D.

The Foundation has recently been exploring new models and is increasingly interested in designing granting programs with measurable impact.Whether this means pay-for-performance or key performance indicators, creating business models that lead to a self-funding business can result in self-sustaining organizations that can thrive in any philanthropic environment. “Deerfield realized the importance of exploring pay-for-performance models by pioneering our Results Based Financing for Community Health pilot,” stated Lisa McCandless from Living Goods. “Since Deerfield’s commitment, Living Goods has propelled to the forefront of this initiative globally and continues to share its learnings and findings with the broader community.”A list of our academic collaborations from 2016 to 2018 are below:

  1. Center for Protein Degradation with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  2. Pinnacle Hill with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  3. Poseidon Innovation with UC San Diego
  4. Lakeside Discovery with Northwestern University
  5. Ancora Innovation with Vanderbilt University
  6. Academic collaboration with Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
  7. Bluefield Innovations with the Johns Hopkins University
  8. Bridge Medicines with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the Rockefeller University, and Weill Cornell Medicine
  9. Vescor with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

A sample of the peer reviewed publications, reviews and abstracts published in 2018 are listed below:

  1. A Hybrid Approach for Prediction of Event Times in Double-Blind Clinical Trials. Ming Zhu, Yunnan Xu, Zheng Su. Joint Statistical Meeting 2018
  2. Predictors of laparoscopic hysterectomy for leiomyoma surgical removal in the United States. Kate Busko, Mark Stuntz. Value in Health / ISPOR
  3. Analysis of Success Rates for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s New Technology Add-On Payment Program. Alexandra Truglio, Christine Livoti. Value in Health / ISPOR
  4. Trends in isolated mitral valve surgery: the changing risk profile of patients and outcomes. Andrew Elbardissi, Mark Stuntz. European Society of Cardiovasculaire and Endovasculaire Surgery International Congress 2018
  5. The importance of emerging transcatheter mitral valve technologies in cost-effectiveness and post-procedure outcomes. Andrew Elbardissi, Mark Stuntz. European Society of Cardiovasculaire and Endovasculaire Surgery International Congress 2018
  6. Impact of adverse media reporting on public perceptions of the doctor-patient relationship in China: an analysis with propensity-score matching. Jing Sun, Shiyang Liu, Qiannan Liu, Zijuan Wang, JunWang, Cecile Jia Hu, Mark Stuntz, Jing Ma, Yuanli Liu. BMJ Open, August 2018
  7. Potential role of emerging percutaneous mitral technologies in patients undergoing TAVR. Andrew ElBardissi, Mark Stuntz. JACC, September 2018
  8. Futility stopping in non-inferiority trials. ZhengSu, Mark Stuntz. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, December 2018.

In 2018, the Deerfield Foundation invested in the following projects with its philanthropic partnerships:

  1. Children’s Health Fund. Deerfield Child and Family Health Clinic and New York Program,providing high quality, comprehensive and compassionate patient-centered healthcare for underserved children and families.
  2. Coalition for the Homeless. Child Advocate to assist homeless families in New York City.
  3. Covenant House. Wellness center support: medications/supplies, mental health services,and staff training on mental health and best practices.
  4. Jacaranda Health. Support launch of a “nurse mentor training center” to build a pipeline of public sector maternity nurse champions and improve obstetric care in Kenya.
  5. Last Mile Health. Continue scale-up of Liberia’s National Community Health Assistant Program, cost-effectiveness study in Grand Bassa County and launch of the Community Health Academy’s first online, free, digital training course for community health system leaders.
  6. Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service. Environmental Health Services Program and Maternity Outreach Program.
  7. Living Goods. Digital optimization of business practices – enabling transformational scale for community health.
  8. Lwala Community Alliance. Every child: strengthening health systems to reduce maternal and child mortality.
  9. Many Hopes. Provide physical and mental healthcare as well as a nutritious diet for orphans and abandoned children in its rescue homes and school.
  10. Medic Mobile. Scaling digital health tools for improved community-level care coordination in Nepal.
  11. Mifanmama. Eye Care Outreach Program.
  12. Muso. Proactive care delivery: rigorous implementation of research to save lives and support Mali’s National Community Health Worker scale-up.
  13. Northside Center for Child Development. Expand Northside’s capability to treat mental health issues in children age five and under.
  14. Partners In Health (Zanmi Lasante). Operating costs for Zanmi Beni Children’s home.
  15. Possible. Designing and scaling accessible, integrated healthcare solutions for underserved communities in Nepal.
  16. Réseau Des Entrepreneurs Solidaires. Deerfield RES Madagascar: support approximately 31 medical centers and dispensaries run in Madagascar.
  17. St.Boniface Haiti Foundation. Materials and staffing for the pediatric services ward of the St. Boniface Hospital in Fond des Blancs, Haiti.
  18. Sustainable Health Enterprises. Initial funding of SHE28’s technological innovations to produce go! pads for girls and women.
  19. The Family Center. Training and certification of six clinical staff members in Parent Child Interaction Therapy.
  20. The Mott Haven Academy. PNP services and medical clinic support, and contributions to establish and develop adolescent health programming in its middle school.
  21. The Water Trust. Scaling-up the Self-Help Group Program and publishing findings to provide children in East Africa safe water and healthy homes.
  22. Village Health Works. Equipping the pediatric and maternity unit of the Kigutu Hospital and Women’s Health Pavilion.

About Deerfield

Deerfield is an investment management firm committed to improving healthcare through investment, information and philanthropy.

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