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Deerfield Institute Announces the Publication of “Improving Pharmaceutical Innovation by Building a More Comprehensive Database on Drug Development and Use” in the February issue of Health Affairs Journal”

New York – February 9, 2015 – Deerfield® Institute announces the publication of “Improving Pharmaceutical Innovation by Building a More Comprehensive Database on Drug Development and Use” in the February issue of Health Affairs Journal.  The Deerfield Institute, along with co-authors from the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform at Brookings, published a peer-reviewed paper describing the current challenges involved in measuring and assessing new drug innovation, and provided recommendations for developing a comprehensive new database to track key development and regulatory characteristics for each approved new molecular entity (NME).  This collaboration will serve to create a standard and living database that will help demonstrate what is driving innovation and what steps can be taken to achieve future advances.

Over the past several decades, new drugs and biologics have made a tremendous impact on the treatment of many diseases. As research and development spending by the pharmaceutical industry has grown many-fold,concerns have been raised that the output of new drugs has remained relatively flat. Many analysts have attempted to explain this apparent decline in productivity of pharmaceutical research and development, and many proposals have been made regarding steps that could be taken to address the issue.   A significant challenge facing these efforts has been the paucity of metrics available to assess the health of different aspects of the complex ecosystem that propels pharmaceutical innovation.

This database will serve as a platform to measure and better understand the characteristics of approved drugs, the impact of new drugs on health outcomes, the drivers of development success and macro influences on innovations. In order to contribute to advancing healthcare™, the platform will be publicly available to all healthcare stakeholders, including academia, industry and regulatory agencies.

“We are excited to be working with leaders in the healthcare community to build a living database that will help further the understanding of influences on therapeutic innovation. We hope these efforts will create the basis for meaningful research and sound policy-making and ultimately serve to advance the healthcare field”, stated Jonathan Leff, Chairman of the Deerfield Institute.

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