SHINE Medical Technologies

In November 2018, Deerfield closed a $150 million financing commitment to SHINE Medical Technologies, Inc. SHINE is a development-stage company working towards becoming a manufacturer of select radioisotopes for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The SHINE system uses a patented proprietary manufacturing process that offers potential major advantages over existing and proposed production technologies as it does not require a nuclear reactor, uses less electricity, generates less waste and is compatible with the nation’s existing supply chain for molybdenum-99 (Mo-99).The company obtained its construction permit from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in February 2016. Deerfield’s commitment will finance the construction of the plant. The first product is targeted to be Mo-99, which is used in medical imaging, but the company will manufacture additional isotopes over time.

Press releases

Deerfield Management Company Announces a $125 million Term Sheet with SHINE Medical Technologies, Inc.
October 2014

Shine and Deerfield Close $150 Million Financing Commitment to Support Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medical Isotope Manufacturing
November 2018