Happify Health

In the 1st quarter of 2021, Happify Health announced a $73M capital raise through Series D and related financing co-led by Deerfield. Happify Health is a global software-enabled healthcare platform focused on improving mental and physical health. The platform utilizes an evidence-based approach that delivers scientifically validated programs that positively impact behavior to help manage chronic conditions alongside providing access to solutions such as telehealth, AI-powered coaching, and access to therapeutics. Happify Health offers two core solutions for its customers and end-users; Digital Therapeutics and Care Delivery solutions and services across the healthcare ecosystem, including enterprises, health plans, health systems, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and individuals.

The capital raised will allow for an acceleration of the platform by further driving relationships with pharmaceutical companies through configurable digital therapeutics solutions and specialized solutions for enterprise and health plan customers. The capital will also help support additional investment into developing advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based models that power Anna, a software-based coach designed to support and engage individuals for several chronic conditions, most notably mental health.