Academic Collaborations

Deerfield Management recognizes that investigators at academic research institutions provide much of the novel insights that advance our understanding of disease. However, at any research institution, the most commercially promising innovations eventually outgrow the lab, requiring greater resources and more focused development expertise than an academic setting can typically provide.

To bridge that gap, Deerfield partners with leading academic research centers from across the country, providing critical funding and expertise to further sustain and accelerate the commercialization of discoveries toward meaningful societal impact by advancing cures for disease.

Together with its academic partners, Deerfield has created 16 spin-off companies to date that are supporting key avenues from concept to spin-out of novel therapeutic discoveries, as well as an incubator focused on innovative cardiovascular devices.

Deerfield’s 16 academic partnerships, involving 18 institutions, include Boston Children’s Hospital, University of Michigan, Yeda Research and Development Co. Ltd., the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science; Duke University; Columbia University; Northwestern; Harvard; Vanderbilt; Johns Hopkins; Dana Farber; the Broad Institute; University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; University of California-San Diego; and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Deerfield also has a combined association with Rockefeller University, Cornell, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center through their joint discovery unit, the TDI. Finally, Deerfield has a project-specific collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Far beyond its financial resources—with its long vision, operational expertise, and command in the life science and healthcare space for more than two decades, Deerfield is uniquely positioned to support all stages of development from early-stage to market—advancing science and enabling the translation of ideas into medicines.